2020 Site Rates – Daily & Weekly




Serviced 30 AMP



2020 Visitor Rate

Visitor Day Fee


Must depart by 9pm

Visitor Overnight Fee


Must depart by 12pm the next day

Seasonal’s Grandchildren are FREE under 16 (as long as they are listed on your contract). You are responsible for your guests. All Visitors must park in Visitor Parking and Walk in. Following the same camping rules – 6 persons per site maximum.

2020 Seasonal Rate

Regular Inland Site

30 amp/water

(metered hydro)


Riverfront Premium Site

30 amp/water

(metered hydro)


All prices are subject to HST. All prices include 2 adults and their children under 18.

(No Seasonal Trailers older than 20 years accepted.)

2020 Optional Services

Canoe/Kayak/Tube Rentals


4 hrs./$15.00


(9am – 5pm)

Pavilion Rental


9am – 9pm

Seasonals may use the Pavilion for 4 hours FREE 

(Sign out at Office)

Group Camping

(Organized Groups ONLY)

$2.00 Children

$5.00 Adult

Pump Out


FREE at Pump Out Station on departure

Pump Out


Mobile Pump Out at your trailer

Pump Out


for the season

Grass Cutting


$75.00 for the season

Gate Card

$10.00 EACH

Refundable upon departure

Maximum 2 Cards per site

Winter Storage or Renewal


Winterize Trailer

$70.00 each

Includes RV antifreeze

All prices are subject to HST.